Manufacturing & designing cold forge Pole piece (T-Yoke) for Loud-Speakers and alarms raw driver


    Machine List          
Production Line    
  Knuckle Forging Presses KT-1000   1 Units
  Knuckle Forging Presses KP-650   2 Units
  Knuckle Forging Presses LB-400   2 Units
  C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses OCP-110   2 Units
  Cutting Machine    2 Sets
  Annealing Furnaces    2 Sets
  Hydraulic Turning & Drill Lathe Machine   8 Sets
  CNC Turning Machine   4 Units
  NC Turning Machine   3 Units
  Rolling Machine   2 Sets
  Packing machine   2 Sets
  Automatic Shot-Blast Machine   4 Sets
  Manual tapping machine   5 Sets
  Drilling Machine   15 Sets
  Parkerizing Process Machine   1 Set
  Auto-Lathe AT-42    3 Sets
  Inner Dia. Broaching Machine   1 Set
  Polygon Cutting Machine    1 Set
  Thread Forming Machine   2 Sets
Tooling Sec.    
  Surface grinding machine TG-100   1 Units
  Grinding machine GA-75   1 Units
  Drilling machine   2 Units
  Lath 400x1000   3 Units
  Heat Treatment Furnace   1 Units
Q. C. Sec.    
  Micro-Hardness   1 Sets
  Metallurgical Microscopes   2 Units
  E-Plating thickness gauge   2 Sets
  Height Gauge   4 Sets
  Digital Caliper   5 Sets
  Thread plug gauge   10 Units
  Pole Gauge   20 Units
  Micro-Meter   10 Units




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Cold forged and turned Loudspeaker metal parts: Pole Piece


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